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Meet Our Team


Spence Construction - Matt Gibson

Matt Gibson

Matt has been with Spence since 1999, focusing on attracting and retaining great people and creating an inclusive work environment. He values transparency, honesty, open communication, and believes in building strong relationships to enhance job satisfaction.
Spence Construction - Glenn McVilly

Glenn McVilly

Glenn has been with Spence since 1998, primarily working in Project Management. He enjoys working on architectural projects and values the relationships he has built with leading architects and clients, finding inspiration in creating spaces that will be appreciated for years.
Spence Construction - Shane Theodore

Shane Theodore

Shane, a world skills competitor with experience in rammed earth and green building, has been working at Spence since 2001. He actively contributes to the team and constantly challenges traditional building methods across multiple sites.

Finance Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Human Resources

Spence Construction - Tim Mutton

Tim Mutton

In 2023, Tim joined Spence as their Finance Manager, seeking a change from a large corporate company. Tim excels in delivering concise financial reporting and is driven by ambition to contribute to the company's growth.
Spence Construction - Cam Woods

Cameron Woods

Cam, an experienced OHS Coordinator, has been dedicating his expertise to Spence since 2018. He takes great pride in successfully implementing electronic safety systems on Spence Construction sites, firmly believing that Spence is poised to lead the next generation in construction with his commitment to industry best practices.
Spence Construction - Donna Hay

Donna Hay

Donna joined the Spence team in 2019 with a Bachelor of Business (HR Management). With experience in HR across various industries, she is passionate about working with people and developing business systems, especially in the areas of leadership and culture, which is why she chose to join Spence.

Administration Team

Spence Construction - Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes

Lisa joined the company as an Admin Assistant in 2003, but her exceptional performance led her to her current role as Accounts Payable Manager. One of her notable accomplishments at Spence has been spearheading the successful transition to a paperless environment, significantly improving work efficiency and computer skills across the entire organisation.
Spence Construction - Jemma Gibson

Jemma Gibson

Jemma joined Spence's Accounts Payable department in 2016, bringing a fresh perspective and strong work ethic after a career change. Her goal is for Spence is to become the most renowned construction company in Victoria, known for excellence on site and behind the scenes.
Spence Construction - Sharon Dorman

Sharon Dorman

Sharon, a valuable contributor to our Accounts Payable department since 2021, has transitioned to the construction industry to pursue her passion for architecturally designed homes. She takes pride in staying updated on project progress and eagerly anticipates witnessing the team's successful outcomes.
Spence Construction - Nancy May

Nancy May

Since 2020, Nancy has been with Spence and finds immense satisfaction in the construction industry, as it allows her to contribute to remarkable properties with lasting impact. She is proud of her adaptability with software programs and grateful for her beloved directors and colleagues who bring these inspiring projects to life.
Spence Construction - Rachel Langdon

Rachel Langdon

Rachel has been a valued member of Spence’s Administration team since 2022, bringing a cheerful and positive attitude to the workplace. As a mother of two, she excels at balancing her work and home life, and greatly admires her colleagues' care and dedication.
Spence Construction - Kiana McVilly

Kiana McVilly

Kiana joined the company in 2022 and quickly familiarised herself with the organisation due to her father, director Glenn, being a part of the company. She has achieved significant success in enhancing Spence's social media presence, improving website performance, and improving tender outcomes through personalised client documents, and is excited to see the company and its divisions continue to grow and evolve independently.

Estimating Team

Spence Construction - Andy McElhinney

Andy McElhinney

Andy, Senior Estimator at Spence since 2011, has a background in construction dating back to 1994, specialising in high-end architectural home and unit developments. His involvement in Spence's tendering process has consistently made a positive first impression and contributed to the company's strong reputation.
Spence Construction - Jackson Bye

Jackson Bye

Jackson joined Spence as a Junior Estimator in 2022 while completing his Construction Management studies, gaining valuable experience to improve his chances of securing a full-time graduate position. His notable achievement includes contributing to Spence's successful project tenders, motivating him to continue learning and advancing within the company to support its future success.

Construction Management Team

Spence Construction - Luke O'Brien

Luke O'Brien

Luke started as a Carpentry Apprentice in 2004 and has progressed to become a Construction Manager, specialising in multi-storey developments and high-end residential dwellings, collaborating with acclaimed architects. He is motivated by personal and professional growth, constantly seeking opportunities to enhance his skills in his current role.
Spence Construction - Jake McGuane

Jake McGuane

Jake began his Carpentry Apprenticeship in 2007 and has since advanced to become a Construction Manager, overseeing projects and promoting a positive work environment. He encourages his colleagues to continuously improve and challenges them to enhance their skills.

Project Management Team

Spence Construction - Travis Batty

Travis Batty

Travis joined Spence in 2018 as a Project Manager, attracted by the company's diverse projects and talented individuals. His notable achievements include overseeing the complex Flinders House project, and he aims to obtain his builder's registration, develop his skills, and provide mentorship to younger team members in the future.
Spence Construction - Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Since 2018, Rob has served as a Project Manager at Spence, where he takes pride in overseeing and delivering high-quality projects with a talented team. His standout accomplishments is consistently achieving successful building handovers, and he aims to enhance his skills while promoting a culture of approachability and collaboration.
Spence Construction - Clint Long

Clint Long

Clint joined Spence in 2020 due to his initial attraction to their exceptional people and positive work culture. In his time at Spence, Clint is most proud of successfully overseeing the completion of the Ballarat Clarendon College Year 9 Campus, and his aspirations revolve around maintaining Spence's excellent workplace reputation and delivering top-notch projects.
Spence Construction - Kyle Foley

Kyle Foley

Kyle joined the Spence team in 2021, bringing his construction experience and a passion for high-quality projects. He is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and establishing Spence as the preferred choice in the industry.
Jake Williamson - Spence Construction

Jake Williamson

Jake joined the Spence team via our Project Management Graduate Program in 2020. Jake’s greatest achievement so far has been completing some of the project management for the Ballarat Clarendon College Year 9 Campus project in Yuulong. Jake aspires to keep gaining more responsibility now he has graduated and hopes to successfully run his own projects.

Patrick Dowling

Patrick began his Project Management Graduate Program in 2023 after being inspired by Clint Long, a colleague at Spence who knew Patrick outside of work. Patrick's greatest achievement so far is successfully completing the Blood Motor Group corporate box project, which boosted his confidence and fuelled his ambition to excel as a project manager and drive company standards.

Property Management Team

Spence Construction - Scott Harris

Scott Harris

Scott has been a highly valued member of the Spence team since 2002, serving as the Joinery Manager and now working in Property Management. He has consistently contributed his expertise, dedication, and mentorship to the company's success.

Site Foreman

Spence Construction - Greg Lockhart

Greg Lockhart

Greg started his Carpentry Apprenticeship in Warrnambool and moved to Spence in 1995. With 28 years of experience, he is now a seasoned Site Foreman and has achieved notable success, including securing the Regional Builder of the Year award for his work on the Separation Creek project.
Spence Construction - Simon Spence

Simon Spence

Simon started as a Labourer in 1998 and is now a Site Foreman at Spence. He is highly skilled in carpentry and successfully led the construction of the concrete feature wall for the Invermay House project, which he states was challenging but very rewarding.
Spence Construction - Alex McVilly

Alex McVilly

Driven by his passion for large scale projects, Alex joined Spence in 2018 and has steadily progressed from a Carpenter to his current role as a Site Foreman, considering it one of his greatest achievements. His aspiration is to construct remarkable homes that hold significant meaning for clients.
Spence Construction - Travis Smith

Travis Smith

Travis joined Spence in 2009, starting in the Joinery Department before transitioning to construction. Now as a Site Foreman, Travis takes pride in mentoring apprentices and looks forward to witnessing the growth of skilled builders in the company.
Spence Construction - Ash Cole

Ash Cole

Ash has been with Spence since 2009, starting his career working on high-end homes. His most notable achievement is successfully managing three large-scale projects in Mannerim over 2.5 years.
Spence Construction - Ashley Melville

Ashley Melville

Ash joined the Spence team in 2011 and, after talking to his brother-in-law Matt (director), pursued a mature age apprenticeship at 38, leading to his current role as a Site Foreman. He is dedicated to continuous growth and expanding his skills in his field.
Spence Construction - Iraia Thompson

Iraia Thompson

Iraia has been with Spence for a decade, starting as a labourer in 2013 and working his way up to Site Foreman. He takes pride in his work, values his team, and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to high-quality projects.
Declan Collins- Spence Construction

Declan Collins

Declan has been with Spence since 2014, starting as a School-Based Apprentice in year 11. Declan is now a Site Foreman and is most proud of the Orton Street Residence he was fortunate enough to supervise in 2020. Declan is always looking forward to the next high-end build and finds great satisfaction in the different taste and design ideas our wonderful clients and architects have.
Spence Construction - Jack Peeters

Jack Peeters

Originally from Colac, Jack chose to do his apprenticeship with Spence Construction in 2015 due to their esteemed reputation in the construction industry. Now based in Melbourne, he has advanced to the role of Site Foreman, overseeing the construction of high-end residences in the city's most prestigious locations.
Spence Construction - Bill McDonald

Bill McDonald

Since 2021, Bill has consistently demonstrated his dedication to his work and earned his role as Site Foreman. His greatest achievement is the Settlement Rd project, where he delivered high-quality results and effectively managed a team, and he plans to continue refining his skills and building positive relationships within the company for its ongoing success.
Spence Construction - Andrew McCrae

Andrew McCrae

Andrew is an experienced Site Foreman at Spence since 2018. He was drawn to the company by the opportunity to contribute to the prestigious project at Trinity College Colac and has successfully led the construction of a passive home in Port Campbell.
Spence construction - Darcy Howard

Darcy Howard

Darcy joined Spence as a Labourer after finishing school in 2016, discovering his passion for carpentry and rising through the ranks to become a Site Foreman. He now aims to expand his knowledge and refine his skills in tackling complex construction projects.
Spence Construction - Andrew Everett

Andrew Everett

Andrew has been an integral part of the Spence since 2020 where he has had the privilege of bringing to life the visionary designs of some of Australia’s top architects. As a dedicated Site Foreman, Andrew takes great pride in delivering high-end projects to the highest standards.


Spence Construction - Josh Wood

Josh Wood

Josh joined the Spence team in 2018 after relocating and quickly establishing himself in the country. With a deep passion for carpentry and a desire to advance within the company, he aspires to become a Site Foreman.
Spence Construction - Chris Holder

Chris Holder

Chris, a dedicated Carpenter at Spence since 2019, aims to contribute to the team's excellence by constructing high-quality, sustainable homes. With an impressive track record, Chris aspires to build a passive home for his own family in the future.
Spence Construction - Aaron Clissold

Aaron Clissold

Aaron joined Spence in 2016 as a School Based Apprentice Carpenter and has since achieved milestones such as completing year 12 and finishing his apprenticeship. He is driven by a strong commitment to learning and aims to become a Site Foreman in the future.
Spence Construction - Jack Melican

Jack Melican

Jack has been a part of Spence since 2017, starting off as an Apprentice Carpenter. Since then, Jack has successfully completed his apprenticeship and has become a great leader on and off the work site. Jack is keen to keep learning to grow his skill set within the company.
Spence Construction - Phil Harrington

Phil Harrington

Phil joined the company as a weekly subbie in 2012. Outside of work Phil enjoys playing golf and fishing. When not on site, Phil is testing and tagging tools for the company.
Spence Construction - Gareth Manson

Gareth Manson

In 2018, Gareth joined Spence as a Carpentry Apprentice, developing exceptional skills and now mentoring colleagues for their professional growth. He aspires to possess the ability to construct or renovate a home with the same quality as Spence projects for his family.
Spence Construction - Lachlan Mulder

Lachlan Mulder

Lachy began his construction career as a School Based Apprentice in 2017, fuelled by his passion for high-end carpentry. Completing his apprenticeship at Spence is a major milestone in his professional journey that he takes great pride in.
Spence Construction - Jarryd Cranwell

Jarryd Cranwell

Jarryd began his career in carpentry in 2018 after a former boss and cricket mentor recommended Spence. His greatest achievement thus far is completing his apprenticeship. He is committed to progressing his knowledge and skills more and more every day.
Spence Construction - Oliver Darcy

Oliver Darcy

Oli started as a School Based Apprentice in 2021 and has since honed his teamwork skills and enjoys collaborating with colleagues. He is committed to becoming a skilled carpenter and wants to progress his career with Spence.
Spence Construction - Max Buchanan

Max Buchanan

Max began a School Based Apprenticeship with Spence in 2020, driven by his passion for woodwork and belief in Spence's ability to provide the ideal platform for his aspirations. Notably, he secured a full-time apprenticeship position upon completing school in 2022 and remains committed to honing his carpentry skills to become a Site Foreman or Director at Spence.
Spence Construction - Connor Carson

Connor Carson

In 2021, Connor began his carpentry journey as a School Based Apprentice and has already achieved notable milestones, including securing a full-time position after graduating. His goal is to complete his apprenticeship and advance to a more challenging role.
Spence Construction - Hugh McCrae

Hugh McCrae

Motivated by engaging in high-end construction projects, Hugh began his School Based Apprenticeship with Spence in 2018. With a strong determination to enhance his skills and knowledge, he aims to successfully complete his apprenticeship.
Tyler Cox - Spence Construction

Tyler Cox

Tyler joined Spence in 2019 as a School Based Apprentice in joinery, but in 2020 he switched to carpentry and found his passion. He is known for his strong work ethic, efficiency, and commitment to excellence as he strives to complete his apprenticeship
Spence Construction -Brodie Stephens

Brodie Stephens

In 2023, Brodie joined Spence as a 2nd year Apprentice, eager to contribute to their renowned portfolio of unique builds. Throughout his career, he has achieved significant milestones and embraced opportunities for growth, showcasing his versatility in a wide range of distinctive projects.
Leif Koren - Spence Construction

Leif Koren

Leif joined Spence in 2023 based on positive feedback from a collaborating Engineer, praising the company's exceptional organisational skills. He has enjoyed his time at Spence and is dedicated to continuous learning and professional growth in construction projects.